We could explain you the different parts of our business group and the achievements we reached during the last 30 years of our professional career but we think that it is more useful and interesting for you when we speak about you and why you found our website.

Both if you are interested in selling and if you are looking for a property in the area of Orihuela Costa …. one of our specialized agents will be working for you personally.

If you are interested in selling your property, but you are not sure about to do it yourself or to contract an estate agent of trust… this is the moment to call us to ask for our SELLER HANDBOOK. We send it to you free of charge!!! It will be useful for you to get information about the aspects to consider when you want to sell, like:

  • To put an appropriate price to avoid losing money
  • To prepare the property for the sale
  • To carry out a correct broadcast of the property
  • To reach an appropriate follow-up of potential clients
  • To prepare the obligatory documentation for the deeds
  • To find out about the taxes and expenses which involve this measure
  • To learn techniques for a correct negotiation and closing of the operation

If you are interested in buying and you don´t want to lose time and go for unfruitfully visits, we recommend you to look for an agent of trust, who knows the area. He will give you information of the market, of the prices and properties you can find in Orihuela Costa.

You can talk to him about your needs, tastes, and preferences and inclusively about the financing, if you need one, and to visit properties of your interest.

Contact us on (0034) 966 760 296. We will attend you and assign you an agent who will be able to help you.