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Hi everyone,

My name is Melissa and I’m one of the team members here at inmo Playa Flamenca.

Working within the real-estate world isn’t just about selling houses, we’re also here to advise and provide relevant information to our clients.

Now if we had to define ourselves as an agency regarding buyers and sellers we consider ourselves a sellers agency, this means that we focus mainly on managing the sale of properties here in Orihuela Costa.

There-fore due to the financial movements that have been taking place recently we’ve decided to write this article so anyone interested in selling their property and especially our clients who already trust us with their properties are all well informed.

So, regarding the real-estate markets economical issues here in Spain, we overcame a recession about 2 years and since then you could say we’ve had a period of prosperity and favorable economic development in which the real-estate market has been dominated by the sellers, which means they could more or less set the sale-price of their property because the demand for properties was greater than the offer, so prices went up as the sales increased.

“The next recession will arrive before 2020”, El Confidencial

Right now, circumstances are changing and that period is coming to an end. We’ve put together various pieces of information from Spanish news sources and i’m just going to mention 2, so the first screen pop up is the title from an article published in 2018 by the ”Confidencial” which translates to “the next recession will arrive before 2020 – how and why this will occur. So this is an article creating awareness through economical studies of what is to come.

“The best years are behind us”, Vanguardia

Another news article we wanted to bring attention to was published via the ”Vanguardia” in March of last year where the title was “Bruxelles warns of the next crisis “the best years are behind us”.…


Precio Vivienda


So the reason we’re sharing these news articles is so our sellers can play their cards right, because if your house is up for sale, then let’s get it sold.

There has been a significant drop in sales after four years of constant growth and if you want or need to sell your property you need to be aware of this and be realistic when it comes to a sale price, which is why asking for a valuation of your property is the first step in the right direction, and then accepting that valuation as a realistic guide to setting a sale price.

If you would like more information regarding anything I have talked about today then you can email us at melissa@inmorpf.com

Or pop in to our office: Avenida Pablo Picasso,1, 03189 Orihuela Costa (Alicante) ,1st floor, door 11 (view it on Google Maps).


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